In recent years, stable global economy, in general, requires an appropriate economic development for each country or region. For example, the least developed countries are encouraged to establish a robust foundation for their future economic developments, the largest developing countries such as BRIC are expected to have a great responsibility for the global economy, and the developed countries are required to maintain an active economy. To sustain appropriate economic advancement, the development, management, and maintenance of social infrastructure are important. The technology development for the comprehensive infrastructure, considering disaster mitigation, and environmental conservation were the key factors for Japan that promoted rapid economic growth and has developed a matured society. This success story is owed to the technologies for infrastructure. These technologies may be a good example for the developing countries which wish to promote further economical development and for the developed countries which wish to recover their economical situations. In particular, technologies in river engineering have been improved through effective and advanced flood control, natural conservation, and water utilization. These technologies also take disaster mitigation and natural conservation into consideration. This knowledge and these experiences can be discussed and shared with the engineers from around the world in the World Engineering Conference and Convention 2015 (WECC2015), as compared with the technologies worldwide in river engineering.

2016/03/31 Transcriptions of the International Symposium has been released
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2015/09/14 Started the recruitment of participants
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This symposium is intended to be held with the assistance of the River Improvement Fund by the River Foundation.

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